Captivate sims in Storyline - what size works

I have a client who wants to insert captivate sims into SL (project size 1024 x 768).  We are using lightbox (manually created - not default one) so we can manipulate the sizing.  So, choosing 'in slide' to display the web object I lose the ability to choose browser controls and window size.  The client doesn't want it to display in new window.

The sim is being captured at project size 970 x 660 which is what I sized the web object dimensions to when I inserted into SL.

Issue 1:  At web object size 970 x 660 when published - the sim has vertical and horizontal scrollbars

Issue 2:  I altered the web object size to five different ones to test - some were fine - no scrollbars and others had scrollbars.

1000 x 670

1000 x 675

1000 x 680

1000 x 685

1000 x 700

 however it appears that depending on the users pc/laptop and browser window size - even if I can't see scrollbars someone else can.

I have no idea how to make the size correct for all users regardless of their window size so there are no scrollbars.

Appreciate any help you wonderful heroes can offer.



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Brian Allen

Are you setting your player to "lock at optimal" size  in Storyline?  If you set the browser setting to "resize browser to optimal size" and then lock the browser, everyone should see the project the same way you do, see this link for details -

With that being said, one problem I've run into with web objects is that I've seen more people in recent times using the magnification function in their browsers, probably due to higher screen resolutions.  I know I have one monitor where I have the default magnification in my browser set to 125%, otherwise I can't read it, lol.  This can cause scroll bars or even worse in web objects.

If you're not publishing for mobile, have you considered plugging in the .swf file generated by Captivate rather than using a web object?

Brian Allen

Wendy, if you explore the .swf file option, here is another great reference for inserting your .swf file:

In essence, if your .swf file is not interactive, insert it as you would a video.  If it is interactive you'll want to use the insert Flash option.

Michael, great example, and with Code Baby even!  Been a few years since I've worked with that program, I'll bet it's come a long ways since then.