Capturing Information for Data Analysis

Nov 23, 2015

Hello, I work for a professional trade association.  I am in the process of developing an online course that will be made available for purchase to our members.  I want to personalize my course with the learners' name, so I inserted a text variable on the first slide (Example, "Enter your name here").  In addition to personalization, I also want to capture leaners' job titles and number of years on the job, which will be used for data analysis purposes. In other words, I want to find out the demographic of the learners who are purchasing the course.  I don't anticipate referencing the learners' job title and years on the job  in any other part of the course as I am going to do with the text entry field I created.     Two questions:  How can I make completing the job title and years on the job fields mandatory?  And my second question is does Storyline have a feature for storing data (such as the job titles) for later retrieval?  Thanks in advance.

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Michelle Whitfield

Hi Christie,

Thanks for the link to Adding Data-Entry Fields.  Yes, I have visited that page before.  I actually have already inserted a text data entry field in my course for learners to enter their first name, which will be referenced on other slides.  However, what I'm asking is if Storyline offers a way of capturing information that can be exported to let's say MS Word or Excel?  Thanks.

Scott Wiley

Hi Michelle. 

You should be able to add conditions to the Next button trigger to only go to next slide after you check that each of your text input variables are different from the default value ("undefined" or whatever text you may play inside like "Type your role here").

So something like:

Jump to "next slide" when user clicks the Next button if "TextEntry2" != Not Equal To "undefined" AND "TextEntry2  != Not Equal To "Type your role here", etc. 

Hope that helps.

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