Capturing the Windows 8 (or 8.1) interface

Hi there,

I can't seem to find any information on this topic so hopefully I haven't missed a past post on this. I just saw that SnagIt released a tutorial on capturing the Windows 8 interface for screenshot and video. Whenever I try to 'Record" a demo of something in Windows 8, dragging the recording window onto the page results in the Windows 8 app disappearing. Is there a workaround for this? I was looking for this in the release notes of the latest update but can't seem to find it.

Thanks for any help/tips you have.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kelly,

I wasn't sure if you could do this using the built in recording feature of Storyline, so I figured it was worth a try. I started a screen recording, and then navigated to the Apps page by the right hand hover bar and Search - and it continued recording that screen. I wasn't able to see my screen recording area any longer when I did that, but it seemed to capture the same amount of real estate that I had set the screen size for. Here is my sample attached for you. 

Kelly King

Hi Ashley,

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I tried your method as well and was able to accomplish the same (but couldn't see the recording window, which seems pretty standard). This will definitely work for whole screen captures, so this is great news. The only issue I see is if you want to capture a specific part (or rectangle) of the Start screen, for instance. Perhaps you'd like to showcase a couple of the active tiles. There doesn't seem to be a way to measure or select a recording window from the Storyline record screen while in the Windows 8 apps. TechSmith has a way to do it outlined in this tutorial:

Likely I'll go with this option if I need a specific window captured. Thanks again for your responsiveness!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kelly,

Yes, I noticed that too - once inside the Windows 8 apps or Start page, you can't change the size of the recording window or see it. I set it ahead of time, knowing that if needed I could always trim that part out of the beginning. I'm glad you've found another option that'll work for you as well, and if you need anything else just let us know!