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Nov 01, 2012


Help please. First post so apologies if this is in the wrong place. Just considering upgrading to WIndows 8 Pro but wanted to check if Articulate products will be compatible with Windows 8. I am unable to find any information on the product pages. If there are any issues then I would rather delay the move to Win 8 as Storyline working properly is more critical. Would be grateful for any help and advice. Thanks.


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Peter Anderson

Welcome, Sampath!

Thanks for asking. We're currently testing Articulate content for compatibility with Windows 8. As of now, we can't say we officially support it, but many of our customers and staff use it without issue. The best way to stay updated on information like this and other things Articulate, is to subscribe to our Word of Mouth blog

Thanks, and welcome again!

Simon Perkins

Bill/Peter, are there any particular versions of W8 that you've found to work best?  I saw a post or two a while back where a couple of users said they couldn't even get SL to run on W8.  That was probably v1.0 but I've no idea what version of W8.  Am only interested because my antipathy towards Metro is strangely starting to reverse.

Bill Harnage

There's really only two consumer versions, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.  The core OS is the same with Pro having a couple extra features such as bitlocker.  I'd be curious to see what kinds of problems people were having installing SL.

One thing I did notice w/ Win8 is that you need to install/upgrade the flash version in IE.

I should also mention I've been running it a virtual enviro as well.

Peter Anderson

Hi Ashley, 

We built Storyline before Windows 8 was released, thereby not allowing us to test the product in the new OS. Now that Microsoft has officially released Windows 8, we're thoroughly and meticulously testing our software within the new OS so we'll be able to support any issues or conflicts that arise. We'll post our official support policy for Windows 8 as soon as we can.

As noted above, many of our customers and staff alike are running Storyline in Windows 8 with no issues, but from a support standpoint, we aren't yet ready to announce full compatibility. Thanks for understanding. 

Kathy Lee


First post! 

I just switched to Windows 8 everything seems to be running fine except when I publish into Word:


1.    Immediatelyafter publishing into Word, two SAVE AS windows pop up (under C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Articulate\Shared\2.0) asking me if I want to save a newWindows template with “” as the suggested file name. I must clickcancel TWICE each time in order to continue working in Storyline, otherwise thepublish window remains inactive.


2.    After workinginto the published Word file (e.g. add page numbers, change the text), everytime I try to save my changes, another window pops up asking if I also want tosave changes to the document template. The Show Help button in the pop-up says:This message can appear if you save a document in which you made changes toitems such as styles and formatting, macros, toolbars, or AutoText, and thosechanges are marked to be saved to the template that is attached to the document(.dotx, .dotm or .dot file).

If you click Yes, the items in the template, includingany changes, will be available to all documents to which the template isattached. If you click No, the changes will be discarded from the template. Ifyou do not think you made changes to the template, be cautious about saving it,because potentially malicious macros can be distributed in this way.


3.    When I try toclose the document, another pop-up says, “You have modified styles, buildingblocks (such as cover pages or headers), or other content that is stored Do you want to save changes to”


4.    When I try tomove or delete the file from My Articulate Projects folder, a File in Usewindow pops up saying, “The action can’t be completed because the file is openin Microsoft Word (it is not, I just closed it). Close the file and try again.”I need to go to my task manager, close Microsoft Word in the BackgroundProcesses, and then I am able to move or delete the Word document.


This does not happen to any of my other Word documents –only when I work into published files from Storyline. This did not happen whenI was using Windows XP. This also does not happen when I work into documents that were published in XP.


Any thoughts?


Thank you!

Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Kathy!

I'm not currently running Windows 8, so I can't try to replicate what you're seeing. But if you'd like, our support team would be happy to try and offer some advice as to what might be going on. You can contact them here

And for others in the thread, we now have our official Windows 8 support policy in place

Thanks, all

Kathy Lee

Hi Cindy,

I've forgotten about this post!

No, no resolution and have been communicating with the support team.

My problem has actually worsened - I can't even publish into Word now. This is in addition to the problems I listed above.

I've done the clean uninstall of Storyline multiple times and Office 2010 once. Still not working.

Sorry I can't bear more positive news...


Christine Hendrickson


Sorry to hear this hasn't been resolved for you. Can you share the case number, so I can take a look at what's already been suggested, please?

We have had some reports regarding the Word publishing issue and have had some new suggestions/solutions for the problem, so I just want to make sure I don't suggest the same things you've already tried. 


Can you share your case number as well? I'd be happy to take a peek and see if the same thing applies - I just don't want to post 5 suggestions when you've already tried them all :)


Marco Bennardo

Hi Chtistine,

i have the same problem when i'm publishing  into Word. Storyline show a Save as windows with this default path  (C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Articulate\Shared\2.0) and with a file name  “” .

The PC configuration is Windows 7 and Office 2010. No problem in Windows 8 and Office 2013.

Have you any suggestions/solutions?



Kerstin Kapsberger


We are having display issues here with Windows 8.1 and Storyline. On an external monitor, the course looks fine. But if you look at the course directly on the laptop's screen, we have the display issue below. When you close the laptop that is connected to an external monitor, the slide is displayed correctly again.


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