CC button no longer accessible after closing out and reentering video

Sep 01, 2022

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has experienced something similar - and if so, was there a solution or work around? 

I'm building a project for a client that has a video with multiple languages and their corresponding subtitles/captions. We have a menu where the user can select which language they'd like their closed captions to be in, and we've set a trigger so those captions automatically play. Our project is set up so that each language has its own series of scenes/slides. We've noticed that if the user has to exit the course, then come back - the CC button is no longer visible upon rewatching the video. The only solution we've found is toggling PREV or NEXT - and upon review of the video, it will reappear. However, we have restricted menu access, so if it is the first video there is no way to go PREV or NEXT without watching all the way through, and going back and rewatching again. 

Any insight or help would be appreciated.  

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