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Nicole Legault


Yes, you can change the color of the button's "Hover" and "Visited" states in the Process Diagram interaction.

Here is a tutorial on how to Add and Edit States

Basically you just:

  • Select the button you'd like to edit
  • Select the "States" tab from the panel at the bottom of your slide (it's the next tab after Timeline)
  • Click "Edit States"
  • Select "Hover" & make changes to the buttons color (changes will be reflected in th panel at the bottom)
  • Select "Visited" & make changes to color
  • Click "Done Editing States"

Ta-da! Thats it.

jyothi sita

Hi Nicole,

Thanks a ton for your quick response and help.

Now I am able to change the hover and other states of a button.

I have few more questions:

  1. Is there any possibility to give animation (like when we click on menu a drop down should appear ) for the course "Menu"?
  2. Can we customize course interface as per our own design rather than changing only the colors?

Looking forward for your response...!