Change button state on iPad/iPhone does not work

Hello everybody,

I have developed a self-created button (per rectangle), which should function as a pause/play button. When the slide is running, the Pause button is displayed. If you move the mouse over the Pause button, the color changes. If you now click on the Pause button, the Play button should appear and the slide should stop. On the PC everything works without problems. Mobile (i.e. on the iPhone and iPad) also pauses the slide when clicking on the Pause button, but the Pause button remains...the Play button is then not shown, so that the user has no possibility to continue the slide. As already mentioned, no problem on the PC, but there are problems with a mobile device.

I have attached the storyline file in the appendix. I have defined the buttons in the master slide.

Are there any assumptions why the problem occurs? I am using the latest Storyline 360 version.


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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Stefan. Thanks for letting us know about this behavior!

I published your file to Articulate Review using the latest version of Storyline 360. Here's the Review URL as well as a screen recording of my testing on an iPad/Chrome. I couldn't hear any audio and ran into some of the wonky button behavior you're describing. 

While there's no hover state for most mobile devices, selected and visited states shouldn't be affected. In fact, I see that we have an open issue where state changes do not work correctly on mobile. I'm going to share your experience in this bug's report, and promise to keep you posted on its progress. Scout's honor!

For now, I'm finding that removing all the 'When the user hovers the mouse over' triggers on the buttons helps with this issue. Here's the adjusted course's Review URL and a screen recording of the re-test.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any more questions!

Katie Riggio

Appreciate you continuing the conversation, Stefan!

Glad to hear this workaround helps while our team investigates this behavior. We'll share any new information with you here and also update our Storyline 360 Version History page. Thanks again for reaching out, and so sorry for the headaches this bug is causing!