Change hyperlink in slide without re-exporting everything

Hi guys,

I have to change a couple of hyperlinks in a few slides in my project and I am wondering if there is a way to change the links without opening up the file and re-exporting? I was able to change one of the links in my resource dropdown by editing a file called frame.xml ... I am wondering if there is something similar for hyperlinks in regular slides?



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Michael Anderson

Very nice solution Matthew! The only thing I don't like it manually editing the published output, as I feel that leaves too much room for error for most users. Can the external .js file be included with a javascript trigger in the course? It seems like I've done that before in Storyline 2.

Matthew Bibby

I've also used directly in an execute JavaScript trigger for those clients who don't want their hyperlinks stored elsewhere. Then, we then need to be updated, you can just grab the user.js file off the LMS and update that. 

This approach doesn'r require any post-publish surgery, although isn't as flexible.