Change Master slide of a layout

Oct 09, 2015

Is there any solution to change master slide of a layout?

I have a base template ready for the development and it has a master slide where number of global triggers are added. I am using this base storyline file for development. 

When I import PPT file, another set of Master slide and layouts get added in Storyline file. I want to change the master slide of the layout so that all layouts will have my base master slide.

In simple words, I want to shift the layout from one pool to another.

Any solution to this?


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Shailesh M

Please find the attached sample storyline file.

Kindly assume that the slides created after importing PPT file in Storyline.

There is another master slide which will have many global triggers (master slide with blue box). I want to retain the layout templates of the slides as is but want to change the master slide for all layouts. So that the global triggers can directly apply to all slides.

I can copy the triggers between master slides but I am just checking if any possibility to avoid that step.