How to change the default quiz master layout?

Sep 11, 2014

Hi guru's,

When I insert a new slide and select a question template, Storyline selects one of the slide layouts. But obviously the wrong one. I created a Question Layout, but this layout is not chosen by default. I also tried to change the layout that is currently selected, but then another slide layout was selected as default. A bit unpredictable.

I suppose it started when I accidently deleted the original question layout.

How can I set the default layout that needs to be chosen when inserting a question template?

 In this situation it selects thelayout "lightbox or no controls layout 3". I want that it always select the layout "Question Master". I renamed the layouts, thus also the slide master is not the original layout.



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Emily Ruby

Hello Sjoerd,

If I am understanding you correctly, when you right click in your slide to add the layout, the one you select is not being added in and a different layout is showing?

This behavior does sound unusual so please make sure you are following these steps: Always save and publish to your local hard drive (typically your C: drive). Working on a network drive or an external (USB) drive can cause erratic behavior, such as file corruption, an inability to save changes, and loss of resources.

You can also try importing you file into a new storyline project

If this does not work, you can share your file here for us to look at.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Sjoerd de Vries

No, that's not what I meant. I inserted a new slide and select quizzing.

Articulate selects a slide layout and I want to have another slide layout as a default .I attached my storyline file. When I add a new slide and add a new question it selects now the title slide. When I started the post it selected the other layout. Quite unpredictable.

Emily Ruby

Hello Sjoerd,

I looked at your file and everything seems to be working as designed. When you set up slide masters, by customizing the built in masters, the base layout will show in the background with every new (blank) slide you add. You can customize the built in one for Quizzing style, (titled Click to edit Question title style) and this will be the default for any quizzing slide that is added.

If you want a different master to apply, you will have to use the right click/layout option to have it changed.

When you insert a new slide and choose quizzing, the above screenshot you added will always show up. There is not a way to add a custom master layout to the insert slide/quizzing tab.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Sjoerd de Vries

Hello Emily,

Thanks for the follow up. I do not get replies in my mail, so I did not noticed you answered.

When I open the test file above and insert a  new slide, select from Quizzing a selection, the following layout is used: Content White Layout.

In the Master Layout there is a question layout, but this is not used at all. So my question is that I expect that when you insert a quiz type, the default Quiz master is used. From your answer I understood this must be the case. However, why is another layout used?

Emily Ruby

Hello Sjoerd!

It seems as if when you deleted the original quiz slide master, the order that Storyline was choosing the from got messed up.

I am attaching a new file with your backgrounds added into the correct default slide masters. When you select insert a new quiz slide, the correct slide will appear now.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Anika Willemsen

I have exact the same problem. I think I deleted the originaly masters and now everytime I change the default layout for the quizslide, articulate sets another slide layout as a default quiz slide. Setting up a new set of masters does nog solve the problem for me. Everytime I change the layout in the new set, he takes another layout as default. 

Patricia Hazemeijer

I would like to change the master into a lay out compatible to my questions. I have made a file of questions in excel. I know how to import. But then the questions come all in top of the page and not in the middle. Where do I start? My master is one sheet with a name from the company on it. Is this because I didn't start with a file as Quizzing sheet (but an empty sheet with only my name on it?)?

Crystal Horn

Hi Patricia!  What if you change the "Question" layout under that particular Slide Master?  I shifted the question title and body text boxes on your question layout in Slide Master view, and was able to apply that layout to your existing question slide as well as create a new question slide that automatically applied the right layout.

If you change the question layout, does it apply to your imported questions?

Patricia Hazemeijer

Yes I did. But now the next problem, I have forgotten how to change the settings for the light upbox "continue". I won't let it show here. Is it on my base layer settings or on my slide layers for correct incorrect? How can I let it disappear? Make this box off/not shown. The results they will see at the end. I will show you a printscreen of it. Please help me out. (i feel a bit stupid that I forgot)

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Patricia! Oh no, sorry that you have to go back and make that change to 70 questions! You can save a little time by changing the feedback for all 70 questions from Story View. And in the future, you can set up "No Feedback" on your first question, then duplicate that question for all subsequent questions. And If you use an Excel spreadsheet to import questions, you'll have to manually switch the setting for all questions to "No Feedback."

I hope this is helpful!

Ian Anderson

Sorry to ask a question no doubt asked many times but....I am new to articulate s/l 2 and am working with questions. I want to know how I can create my own question format (layout etc.) which I can them change and select in the same way that the articulate options appear when you create a new slide.

Can somebody give me a basic way to to this please?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Ian and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

I'm not sure if I'm following your question 100%, but if you are looking for a little more flexibility than the standard graded question types provide, perhaps checking out the Freeform questions is what you are looking for.

If I'm totally off-base, just let me know a bit more details about what you are hoping to accomplish and I'd be glad to chime back in to assist.

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