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Jun 21, 2012

Hi, how can this message be changed when you import an Engage interaction into Storyline (appears when you get to the end of the interaction). Was easy in Presenter, but not obvious in SL.... Need to change this for a demo tomorrow!!



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Vispi Baria

Thanks Jeanette, I didn't have focus on the actual slide so the 'Options' tab was not showing! Knew you'd have the answer as always!

Obviously the engage slide will not work on an Ipad... Is there anyway for alternative content to be shown in this case when an Ipad is used? Sorry, I know this must have been asked in the beta but I can't remember. Will also have a search in the forums..

Many thanks,


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Vispi - I'm sorry, there really isn't a way to cause alternate content on a particular slide to be shown based on the user's device. What you might consider doing is just rebuilding your Engage interaction in Storyline rather than importing it, so that the content is viewable in both Flash and iPad. Most folks in your situation are finding it pretty quick to recreate interactions in Storyline. If you need some suggestions or help with that, I'd recommend starting a new thread here in the Storyline forum & describe what kind of interaction you'd like to build, and I'm sure we can help you out!

Vispi Baria

Hi Jeanette, I must admit, I have hardly opened presenter/engage or quizmaker since the SL beta. The template interactions in SL are great and they can be adapted to suit your needs fairly easily. The ones that I am thinking about including are the Circle and Pyramid interactions from Engage. Given the deadline I have for a 100+ slide course, the engage ones are so easy when it comes to adding/deleting segments, and the same in SL would be much more time consuming (at least I think it would!). It would be good to have a go at recreating them in SL though, so I'll put it on my list! 


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