change player navigation for quiz branching

Nov 01, 2016


I've searched the topics but have not found a solution that shows how to do what I'd like.

When a user gets a quiz question wrong and receives the TRY AGAIN modal window, they have the option to review the content slide pertaining to the question.

When user clicks that button and returns to the content slide within the course, I'd like to provide simple and clear navigation for them to return to the quiz question. I'd like to ADD a button to the player navigation only when user is reviewing content due to quiz branching.

I'd like to either replace the BACK and NEXT buttons, or simply add a new button. See sample.  Insights and instructions please?  thanks.

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Walt Hamilton

Easy enough if you can use custom buttons. Create a T/F variable that is set to true when the user is directed to review, and show the button when the timeline starts if the variable is true.

Making it part of the player is an entirely different proposition. Personally, I don't know if it is worth the effort, but somebody may weigh in with a different scheme.

Karen Siugzda

HI Walt

I have it working now with a custom button. However, the content screen the user goes to has many slide layers to interact with, which then makes my custom button layer disappear. If there's an alternate way to get my custom button layer to stay visible, even as the user interacts with the other interactions on the slide and even move to the next slide if necessary, I'm all ears! :) 

Walt Hamilton

For me personally, the simplest ways are the best. With the button and trigger created, I'd copy it and paste it on every layer and slide that needs it. I've always had good luck with having pasted items remain in the same location if they are pasted to different layers. You'd also need to paste the trigger that shows it.

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