Change timeline from seconds to minutes?

So, I'm doing a lot of audio sync. I'm listening to the wav in Media Player, and I want i.e. an arrow to appear at 3:48. Is there a way to set the main timeline to display minutes and seconds, not only seconds? That way I don't have to calculate 180+48= 228 seconds. ALL other audio/video editors etc can change display from minutes, seconds, frames etc... Some can even show multiple time stamps. Ironically, if I open the audio file for edit, that editor displays minutes/seconds.

If this is not possible at present, it should be an easy fix for an upcoming upgrade.


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Anthony Seminara

Hello Alyssa,

Thanks for your reply. As you can imagine, working with 60+ audio
snippets, adding the time to make the calculations for each is a pretty big
hit to the workflow.

Timelines labeled in minutes and seconds is standard in most audio and
video applications. I can only hope this can be corrected in an update

All the best,