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Oct 23, 2019

Dear All,

I have created a quiz in the storyline 360 a few months ago to test the knowledge of our learner, the passing score of the test is 80%. Our learning management system has not recorded the score in the system

We really need to know who has passed the quiz in order to send out to the course completion badges, we are using this info as a key performance indicator to trigger who has completed the course...

I was investigating and looking for a solution so I have created a test learning path in our LMS and I have included the quiz there, following advice from the LMS service provider as he told me that this could be an issue from the SCORM package, I am attaching my SCORM package setting snips for your kind reference.

I am doubting on the fact that I should have used Track using quiz result instead of the track using a complete course trigger. So I have changed the setting of my source file and I have chosen track using quiz result, have imported the quiz on the LMS and I took the quiz as a learner and indeed the score has been recorded in the LMS so I think it's late that I knew this information but I need to act and resolve the issue.

Could you please help me answer the following questions:

1. From articulate storyline side, is there a way to generate detailed reports and to see the score of a learner in a quiz?

2- What could be the risk if I update the file? learners can lose their tracking and completion?

2. Have you ever had this before? What do you advise me to do in that case as we have more than 200 learners who have taken the quiz and it's really a pity to ask them to take the quiz again?

I am attaching my scorm setting and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.

 Thanks in advance for your help, 




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Meryem Aboulkassimi

I did test the new setting in our LMS and I took the quiz as a learner, and indeed my score was saved in the LMS.

My only concern is that we have a lot of learners who have taken the quiz (with the old setting complete course trigger). Do you think if I update the file in the LMS I will be still able to get the score of learners who have taken the quiz or no? If not what are the alternative that you propose in this case.

Thanks in advance, 

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