Change Video Keyboard Shortcut

Apr 13, 2018

Is there a way to create any type of shortcut for the Change Video function in Storyline 3?  I've tried adding it to the Quick Access Toolbar with no luck.  It is a feature I use frequently and it would be nice to streamline that process with any type of shortcut.

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Walt Hamilton

Depends on how good and how lucky you are. I had something on my QAT in SL2, and when I changed to 360, couldn't right-click on it and put it on the QAT.

I went to the SL2.ini, found its name, and copied it to SL360.ini, and it worked.

I'm pretty sure that if you don't understand all that, you probably shouldn't try it, because I think messing up the .ini can cause a lot of problems. Not as fatal as messing up the registry, but you'll swear at me if it happens.

Steve Urena

If you right click a video in your timeline and choose "Edit Video",  the Articulate Video Editor pops up, and on the right side of that section there is a button that says "Change Video".  This allows you to switch out the video while keeping the video in place, along with any attributes you may have applied to it.

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