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Nov 08, 2017

I recently was notified that there was an upgrade available for my license of Articulate Storyline 3. Upon trying to get the upgrade, I was informed that I needed to register my trial version. I had already registered my copy of Storyline 3 when I installed it, but I did it again anyway. Now I keep getting a message at startup asking, "Would you like to allow this app to make changes to your device?" When I right clicked the shortcut and checked the properties, it appeared to indicate that I am running it as the administrator. What else could be causing this message to pop up every time I try to load Storyline 3? FYI, I am running Storyline 3 (update 2: 3.2.13213.0) on Windows 10 Enterprise (Version 1607).

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darin,

Storyline needs to be installed with administrator privileges but you'd be able to activate it using your serial number as a standard user on the computer. (No need to re-register, but that prompt will always appear in case you needed to change any of your registration information or if you'd never registered before).

When you start Storyline are you doing so from the right click menu or opening the application based on a desktop shortcut icon? I'd suggest not using the Run as administrator option unless your IT team/set up requires it. 

All in all, that message can safely be ignored - as it's what you'd see when looking to install any program on your computer as admin and if you're running the program as an admin, it's prepared to make any changes that are necessary (but outside of installing Updates, there isn't anything else that Storyline would install/change).

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