Changing font size in question feedback box

Hi again,

When you set 'question level feedback' I notice that the more you write, the smaller the font becomes. It seems there is no way to increase the feedback box size and also the font size. What I am finding is that this is limiting my feedback details to two lines at the most to make it big enough to read - but this is a bit limiting.

I have tried the bold option which helps but any feedback at 3 or 4 lines looks too small in the published Storyline.

Any ideas?

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Mike Smith

Thanks for this Bruce.

I am quite a novice and did manage to change one of the boxes and rename it. Unfortunately, this only seems to change it in the one feedback box I am in, and I then have to edit it again for the next one.

How can I add in some feedback boxes to the master version so they appear in any project?

Sorry if I am being dim but I am quite new to using the tool.


Bruce Graham

We all started somewhere!

(Sometimes I feel I stayed there too......  :( )

First of all you need to duplicate the original Master, (the top slide of the set, it is slightly indented to the left), so that you have a complete and entire set of all the masters, twice.

Then you will be able to use the Dropdown to select it for your entire Quiz, and you can arrange things for all the different elements, (Correct, Incorrect etc.), as you want to.

Not quite sure of whether a new Template design is available for all .story files or not - may need someone to chime in on that one.


Michele Zemour

Hi Rachel,

Follow this procedure:

Click on View then Feedback Master

You can now access the modification of the correct or incorrect  feedback layer. I advice to duplicate and rename the feedback master first as told Bruce.

When you have finished, click on the close Master view button.

Return to your quiz and assign your new feedback master  to your question:

Best regards,