changing layout of a screen with branching buttons

Apr 17, 2013


I have created a screen with 6 buttons.  To illustrate : when I click on a certain button, I am sent to a certain screen (branching with triggers).  When 'that certain screen" has been read I am sent back to the starting screen with the 6 buttons.  I do that 6 times.

Question : would it be possible to make the layout of the buttons of the starting screen changed ? If button nr. 1 has been pushed I would like to have its color changed (original color is orange, 'has been read' color would be blue).  It would give a button nr. 1 in blue then buttons nr. 1 and 2 in blue then buttons nr. 1 and 2 and 3 in blue etc.

I hope that I have been clear in my explanation ...

Thank you for your comments or recommandations.

Kind regards.


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