Changing states

Oct 23, 2015


Im working on a course someone else started who has now left our team and it is a rush to get it ready and Im struggling with one slide and after working on it quite a while yesterday starting to feel it might not be possible to make it work with the way the slide has been done and I thought Id ask for advice.

So my question is, can you change a state of something twice with one click of a button? First to go from hidden to visible and then change colour? 

I have a layer where the objects turn from hidden to visible when a button is clicked, but I would like one of the items to also change colour after it has appeared on the screen for few seconds (it is a representation of fire through conduction and a pipe inside a wall appears yellow but would like it to turn from yellow to red to demonstrate it is heating up). The slide 'animations' have been built with triggers.

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