Changing states of object in lightbox

Oct 11, 2017

Calling all heroes.

I have some thumbnails that open in a lightbox. Each thumbnail has a "locked", "Play" and "complete" state. When user clicks the thumbnail, it opens a video in a new lightbox. I have a variable associated to each video which turns to "true" when the media completes. After the user clicks "close" button on the video lightbox, it takes the user back to the list of thumbnails. I have set the state of the thumbnail to change to "complete" at the change of variable.

Problem is, that the thumbnails are not changing states in that lightbox.


Is it a known issue with lightbox or am I doing anything wrong here?


Please help!

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Brian Allen
Kashan Nazir

The states change just fine on the main Scene, it's just the objects in lightbox that are not changing.

Thanks Kashan, I took a look at your .story file and it seems like there's a limitation on changing the state of an image on variable change when you have multiple slides open in lightboxes.

You don't have this problem if you open both of your scenario 1 responses in slide layers, rather than additional lightboxes.

See the attached file, hope this helps!

Brian Allen

Glad to help Kashan.

As far as the limitation with using multiple lightboxes, I've found that using a good balance in Storyline usually produces the best results, and I usually try to use a combination of master slides, scenes, slides, slide layers and lightboxes, as appropriate.

There's no wrong or right way, necessarily, but I do have preferences for how and when I use many of these, and ultimately it usually comes down to what I prefer as far as workflow when authoring in the tool and how well the published output works.

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