Changing the state of a square on slide 1 based on free form quiz slide 4

Oct 21, 2020


I am trying to create a game with a completion board (slide one with 6 different squares)  based on results from a quiz.  The completion board needs to maintain the changed state throughout.  There will be 6 different free form slides in the game.  

Thanks for your help. 


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Bonnie,

You can use variables and conditions to change the state of an object on one slide based on what happens elsewhere. 

This post describes the variables and conditions needed for a custom-menu slide: You could use a similar process to change the state of your completion board.

Brian E.W. McNulty

Not sure if this helps, but here is an object that has a "Faux Selected" state and has a variable attached to it. You can reset the object by clicking the Reset button. Note that the Slide Properties when you double-click the First_Slide slide layer shows as “Resume saved state”.

Let me know if this helps any.

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