Character state change - return to normal after a few seconds

Aug 14, 2018

Hey Articulate team, 

I am building a course where the user selects an option and the character on the screen reacts to their option (makes a funny face when the wrong option is chosen / makes a thumbs up pose when correct option is chosen). I am trying to get the state to reset to normal after a few seconds... so they can chose a new option. Any way to make that automatic? 

I come from Captivate and they have a "trigger" that I could delay next action by a specific time. So what I could do is have a state change when user clicks an object, and then reset to normal after 3-5 seconds. 

How can this be completed in Storyline 360?  

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Michael Hinze

One option is to show a layer when any of the options is clicked. Then, based on which option is selected, you could add triggers that change the state of the character to Happy, Angry... when the layer's timeline starts. Then add a trigger that changes the state of the character to Normal when the layer's timeline ends. Make the timeline 3-5 sec.

Eric Rowland

Thanks Michael - that's not a bad idea. I think I will try this and see if I like it. 

I found a little work-around - that I change the state of character to normal once the user hovers over any other option. So its more based on user action instead of time ... which might work.

But I want to try your suggest, thanks again! 


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