Check Box Interaction and Submit Button Fails me...

Mar 13, 2020

Good evening, Community Members!

I have a good one... 

A simple "checkbox interaction."

Checkbox Interaction Project Screen Shot

When boxes 1-4 are selected, and the submit button is clicked, the Correct Layer should show-- and it does.  That's good.  When any other combination of boxes is selected (or unselected), the Try Again Layer should show up. 

The Try Again Layer shows as long as any combo of boxes 5-10 is selected and the submit button is clicked.  That's kind of good... 

If no boxes are selected (all are in "normal" state) then nothing happens upon clicking the submit button.  That's bad.  The Try Again Layer needs to show.

If any of the 1-4 boxes are in the "normal state" and the submit button is clicked, nothing shows.  That is also bad.  The Try Again Layer needs to show up if boxes 1-4 are not all selected.

If you open the raw file, you can see the current triggers that reflect this scenario described above.  I have tried different trigger combinations (I describe more in the file) but anything I try makes the Correct Layer no longer show up and the Try Again Layer show up instead when the correct combination (boxes 1-4 selected) is submitted.

Please help!  Thank you so much in advance!

Kind Regards,


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myLearning Team

You all will be so proud of me...!  I solved my own problem!  In case this helps anyone, here is my updated "raw Storyline" file.  I tracked each trial via the Slide notes and also just plain slides.  I include screen shots and text explanation of my reasoning, trials and results for future reference.  And the best part is... the final trial works!  Yay me!!  :)

myLearning Team

Please NOTE:  Something I noticed when downloading the file I shared... after I re-open it; the "Checked" state I created is no longer there and is instead replaced with the "selected state."  All the triggers that depended on the "Checked" state now read "unassigned."  What you have to do, is re-create the "Checked" state on one of the boxes and format-painter copy it to the other boxes.  THEN you have to individually delete the "Selected" state from each box.  I did save it and every time you re-open the project it "resets" the state to selected and drops my custom "Checked State."  --anyone at Articulate know why this is?

myLearning Team

Also... I may have found a BEST solution:  I haven't tried it yet, but I may copy my check box interaction slide, then remove all the triggers and states (to get back to "square one" and try it this way:  with "Free-form object conversion."

I wish I would have found this link sooner!  I actually found it trying to search for my own post again to provide the info in my comment above.  Oh well... live and learn!

myLearning Team

OMG.  Yes-- whoever finds this post and is considering doing a similar check box interaction... just set up your slide and follow the method in the link above to convert it to a "freeform:  select many" slide.  You will have your interaction set up in minutes vs hours of messing with variables and triggers!!

BEST SOLUTION  see link below!


myLearning Team

Ha!  Thanks, Leslie!  --The Community never leaves me hanging... (well-- they kind of did for this posting!)   but previously, they've been swift to help me and I really appreciate that.  It's the least I can do!  I'm only sorry I didn't try "Freeform Slide Conversion" in the 1st place!  (insert face-palm here).

Do you have an answer though for why the "states" keep "resetting" when opening that raw file I uploaded?  --You'll see they all get unassigned.  Here's an updated file with all my notes (the new discoveries where added to this one).

Lauren Connelly

Hi Corey!

I opened your original file and found a different solution. In the triggers to show layers (Correct and Incorrect), I see that you've included every check box and its state. Instead, you only need to add the correct objects and adjust the states to be equal to or not equal to.

Here's how I changed the Trigger Panel:


I've also attached the updated file to this discussion.

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