Checkboxes on Right-to-Left Languages

Anybody know of a way to move checkboxes on the right side of the text when working with RTL languages like Arabic in Storyline 3? Even after changing the Player options to "Right-to-Left", checkboxes and radio buttons still appear on the left side of the text.

And I just discovered that while I'm editing the states of a checkbox, the box appears on the right side of the text as it should. However, as soon as I click Done Editing States, the boxes pop back on the left side. Weird.


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Doug Rice

Hold the phone! I think I found a fix...

If I select the checkbox input field (the entire field itself; not the text inside) and then change the text alignment (under the Paragraph settings) from align-right to align-left and then back to align-right, the checkbox jumps over to the right side of the text.

I'm sure that's not an intended "feature" but it seems to work for now.