Chrome 70 Update - Submit Interaction on Drag and Drop

Nov 02, 2018

Hi there,

My Chrome was recently updated to v.70. Tested a project a while ago and it worked fine. Tested it today in Chrome and after I clicked my Submit button and my drags changed to their Drop Incorrect state they would randomly shift like 8px left and 8px up. Sometimes all of them do it, sometimes 1 or 2. Very sporadic.

Also tested in new versions of Edge, Firefox and IE and I'm not seeing it happen there.

Anyone seeing this yet?

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David Breen

Seems to be an issue with the glow/drop shadow filter when placed on objects. It's only happening to my files in SL version 3.20.16814.0 when using Chrome. Does not happen when I open my previous projects Published in SL 3.16.15842.0.

I'm guessing this is some kind of bug in SL mixed with Chrome? I'm looking forward to a confirmation on this.

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