Clean up in Story View

Jun 15, 2023

Is there any way to move scenes around in Story View to make better use of screen space and prevent endless scrolling? I have a course that has a mostly linear progression of 8 scenes, consisting of dozens of slides. I also have half a dozen "Junk" scenes which are repositories for slides I'm not using but don't want to lose. The Junk slides are not connected to anything else.

In Story View, the "real" course is just this long vertical stripe about 6 miles long, requiring endless scrolling, or zooming out to absurd smallness. Meanwhile, the "junk" scenes I don't really need are sitting to the right, right at the top where they don't need to be. I can collapse the scenes, but that's a workaround. I still want to be able to see my slides without all that scrolling and then expanding etc. Maybe it's my design brain talking, but I hate wasting valuable up-top screen space on scenes I'm not even using. 

I want to reorganize my Story View layout so it's actually useful. Any way to do this?

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Pierre Sosa

It would be great if it worked like a node editor, where you could just drag the pieces around and they maintained their relation visually by connectors. It would also be great if you could toggle visible all link-connectors, because some of us don't rely on "Jump to the next slide" for our course design. Alas.

Have you explored the collapse/expand option (small black arrow next to the name)? I use that with CTRL+Wheel to scroll out and get an overview. Often i'll work by scene in that distant view, and then navigate slide to slide inside a scene for more detailed work.