Click triggers and drag & drops.

May 09, 2017

I'm having a problem with a slide I'm creating. I want the dragable objects to show a layer when clicked. The problem is that when an object is dragged to a target, afterwards it will show the layer because Storyline interprets a dragging as a click. 

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm attaching a print screen and the storyline file (storyline 2) if anyone want to have a go.

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Eric Isaksson

So you want them to click the rectangle - show a layer and then DnD the rectangle to the target?

Yes, they should be able to click the rectangle and see the layer if they want to. The layer will have a button for hiding it again. 

Does anything happen when they drop the shape on the target?

Yes, when the right rectangle is dropped on the target they will move on to the next slide.

 Thanks for wanting to help out =)

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