Clickable Phone Numbers

Jul 05, 2018

I'm interested in having a slide where you can click to call or click to e-mail a user. 

It's super easy to get the e-mail to work (because it's programmed that way) 
As for getting a clickable phone number, I think the only way would be to execute a JavaScript 

Has anyone dealt with this and know some code I could copy and past for the numbers? 

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William Grove-Fanning

Can we get an update on this from Articulate? 

Would like to make a phone number clickable so that when a user selects the number, they are taken directly to the phone app (rather than to a page with a link), just like one can do with an email addressees.  Does this functionality exist in Storyline 360 yet?  Is there a workaround that doesn't involve adding a page that contains the link?  Etc.?  Thanks ahead of time!

Ray Castillo

Hi William

Thanks for the suggestion! It worked for me, so it's a perfect solution! On my windows computer, it asked which app I wanted to use to dial the number (Skype) and on my phone it asked to dial the number. In both scenarios, I was able to place a call. 

Kind regards