Clicking outside of a hotspot during quiz

Nov 04, 2013

I have created a course that discusses how/where to transfer calls. For the quiz, I created a mock phone and users decide where to transfer the call. Each option has a hotspot area so they can click on the text, or the button itself.

For some reason, users can actually click outside of the hotspot area, and when they do, they get the same result as if they chose an incorrect option. 

Is there anyway to have the non-hotspot area be non-clickable?  (Users seem to love pushing the other buttons!)


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Josh Uhlig

Hi Renee,

I would switch from Hotspot to a Pick One interaction.  This would allow you to define 3 separate clickable areas without the ability to click elsewhere.  I would also suggest grouping the 2 objects together (the text box and button) and use the resulting group as the pick one object.  See the attached to get an idea of what I mean.  I added a selected state to each button to make things more interesting.

Renee W

Thank you thank you!!

I figured I missed something. I just picked the wrong freeform template from the begining. Is there an easy way to convert from hotspot to pick one without losing all of the data I added? As soon as I removed the freeform, it took away all my layers, triggers, and customized responses to each answer.

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