Closed Caption Button Not Appearing

Hi there! 

I have a closed caption SRT file attached to a 60-minute MP4 in my Storyline course, and have closed captions checked in the player. In the player preview, the closed caption button shows up. 

However, when I preview the file the closed caption button doesn't appear. It doesn't appear when I launch the course in our LMS either. 

Thank you for any help!

Captions selected in playercaptions not showing in preview


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Alison Coops

Hi, I looked up how to import an SRT file and it said if it has the same name and is in the same folder as the video file, it would be automatically imported.  OK, I did that.  I added a Closed Captions button to the player.  But in slide preview or published, I don't get a Closed Caption button, so I can't test whether the SRT file was imported.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kathleen, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thank you for reaching out and sharing that you are experiencing an issue with the CC button appearing intermittently.

The bug I referred to is specific to what Alison shared above, where Storyline is not importing the closed captions automatically with its media. I apologize for any confusion. 

We do have an open issue with our team specific to what you describe as well:

The closed caption button is not visible when you view the course for the first time on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Is this what you are experiencing as well?

If so, here are the current workarounds:

  • Add a trigger to display the caption when the timeline starts
  • Insert a Start page with a button where you have a trigger to adjust the closed caption variable and jump to the next slide when the button is clicked.
Rebecca Harrington

i just updated SL3 this week. I've got captions that worked fine for a previous file and not this one. The button does not show up on the player. Yet this is a file that has had no issues in the past. So, yes, I have captions. I can get them to play if I set the Display Captions variable to True. But the button doesnt appear on the player.

Rebecca Harrington

So, I did find a work around, I turned the accessibility button off (left the captioning on), closed the player, set the variable of DisplayCaptions to True, opened the player, turned the accessibility button back on and it all works. I oversee a course for all incoming freshmen at my University and we have a small group here over the summer, so having them view it with a default of captions on, with the choice to turn them off seemed like a good way to move forward for the immediate time.

Deborah Schwartz

I too am having difficulties with Closed Caption.  I've been able to upload a Text Document to a MP4 video and can see the text in the display areas in the Closed Captions Editor.  However, after saving and then previewing the project, the Closed Caption button - which has been turned on - does not appear.  I've read multiple discussions, looked up tutorials and can't find a solution to this issue.

Welcome help and if anyone else is experiencing this same issue.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Deborah.

Thank you for opening a support case with our engineers!

I see you worked with Georvy and Ian, who identified and logged this issue as a bug that happens in Preview mode, where it doesn't show the Player Closed Caption button if you exceeded 44379 characters in your CC file, but it works when the file is published.

We'll reach out through the case as soon as we have news to share!