Closed Captioning not working after browser reset

Oct 03, 2022

Tested on Chrome and Edge. Behavior below documented for Edge.

  1. Course is published to WEB in SumTotal LMS. There is a reason we're not publishing to SCORM that I will not bore you with here.
  2. Upon initial launch, the browser detects a different language and gives prompt to translate, which of course we do not. (I have ENG and course CC is Chinese which I do want to see). Once set/acknowledged, I never see again for this course.
  3. Course launches, but does NOT show the CC in Chinese for ENG spoken narration.
  4. Close SumTotal and launch course again, the CC shows up and is fine.
  5. Close SumTotal and clear Edge browser cache.
  6. Launch the same course.
  7. Do not get language prompt, but CC does NOT show up again after clearing cache.
  8. Launch 2nd time, CC shows up.

As mentioned, this is basically the exact SAME behavior in Chrome. Something with the autodetect is keeping the CC from autodisplay on first launch, but is fine on 2nd and subsequent launches. Anyone else have this issue?

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