Jan 15, 2015

Has anyone used CodeBaby to add avatars into Storyline? Would you recommend it? Tips?

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Michael Hinze

I have used CodeBaby before (although with Captivate and not with Storyline). Here I an example of one of those files, running inside a Storyline project. There I nothing wrong with CodeBaby, I just found it very expensive. Check out this thread here: with some great examples of iClone6, a viable (much cheaper) alternative to CodeBaby.

Vanessa M

Thanks everyone. And thanks Michael for your demo. I not 100% sure yet, but I think I will be passing on CodeBaby. I find the characters creepy looking, it's really expensive, and they make it very difficult to change the clothing for my company look. Instead I've been turned onto GoAnimate. Really liking it so far, but I haven't tried importing into Storyline yet.

Vanessa M

I am loving GoAnimate. Great for scenarios, 100's of characters. I'll be using the whiteboard animations right away. Also, the animated tables/charts look interesting have to try those too.

My company has approved the purchase of CodeBaby but I haven't decide if I want this program too. I still don't like the look of the characters.

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