Color coding Drag and Drop exercise

Feb 16, 2016

Hi all,

I'm creating a drag and drop exercise where the learning must drag a marker and place in the correct spot on a map. I modeled in a bit off a drag and drop exercise I found in the "Insert Slide" Modern Interactions. When you drag an object to the target it will change color depending on whether the answer is correct or incorrect. I tried replicating that functionality but it doesn't seem to work. I keep looking at my sample but I can't replicate. The colors won't change. Any tips on what I might be doing wrong? I actually have two drag and drop exercises in my course. One works properly since I simply modified the template after I opened it in my course. The other I created from scratch. Obviously I'm missing something. What is it? I've attached my storyline file for anyone to look through. The slides to look at are 1.19 and 1.8. Thanks for any help.  

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Jesse Kramer

It would seem that the problem is that the icon color itself can't change based on state. You have to change the background color. I edited my original markers to have the background color change and that worked. I don't understand why my original idea did not work but at least I understand what is going on here. You set me on the right path. I appreciate the help. Together we were able to figure out what the problem was. 

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