Color picker (eyedropper) doesn't work

Feb 03, 2018

Trying to pick a shape's border color to match other on-screen elements.  The eyedropper only works in the dialog box.  Once outside, the chosen color is black no matter what the eyedropper is over.


SL version 12.14647.0

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Theresa Prestine-Dommer

I have associates experiencing the same issue.  It used to work fine but she recently had a new laptop and install, and she has notice that when selecting either of the suggestions for eyedropper and she is having issues with both options.  She has not had an issue prior.  Can you advise what we should be checking?  Another note; is if she uses the eyedropper in Microsoft word, ppt. it works as it should.  

David Holzemer

Just reporting that I am having the same issue with the eye dropper... I'm running windows 10, Dell Latitude E5470, and external monitor. My Storyline version is 3.54.25674.0

I'll try closing my laptop screen and see if that help. 




Closed my laptop to work on my external monitor and that didn't work. and then tried unplugging my external monitor and that did work.  

The only problem with this solution is my laptop monitor is pretty small and had to develop on. But for now I guess it's better then nothing,

Lydia Mills

I've encountered this issue using Storyline on a Windows PC. 

I've managed to find a solution to get round the eyedropper not picking up colours within the slides. Use the snipping tool to take a cut of the colour you need, copy the snip and paste it into the slide. Move the pasted colour snip outside the slide and then use the eye dropper as normal. It will pick up on the colour you need.

Teresa Vanderpost

HI there, Instead of creating a new case just wanted to mention that the eyedropper is not working today (I just updated this morning to the latest version of storyline 360).  When I hover over my purple with the eye dropper it shows up grey or black.  Anyone else having issues after latest update?  

Joe Hauglie

One workaround if you use SnagIT: Snip the color you're wanting to replicate. Open the snip in SnagIT and open the Fill tool - it has an eyedropper... Use the eyedropper and select the desired color, and then note the hex value. In SL, select the Drawing/Object you want to recolor, then select "More Fill Colors." Doublecheck that you're in the correct mode (RGB, hex, etc.) and then type in the #----- color code from SnagIT.

Yeah, it's cumbersome, but it works. And it's easier than disconnecting all the monitors.

Susanne Oosterveen

Also curious when this issue can be resolved. Had this issue for ages, I resorted to copying the colourcode and bypassing the eyedropper altogether.

Reading this thread, I disconnected my monitor and that solved the issue. Also: I just connected it again, and now it's working just fine?!?

Laura HJ

Hello! I am experiencing this same issue and I am using multiple monitors: the eye dropper seems to misread where my mouse is placed. 

I also occasionally notice a similar error when resizing text boxes- when clicking on the text box to adjust, the box dimensions appear further to the right of where the mouse is placed. 

Luciana Piazza

Hello Laura!

Thanks for letting us know that you are running into a similar issue with your multiple monitors. 

Have you checked the DPI settings of your monitors? Please be sure the display settings are the same for your monitors.

If you could share your .story file in a support case our support engineers can investigate the text box resizing further. 

Hope this helps!

Wendy Schorr

Ok, first I need to be nit-picky about something in this thread. It's PPI not DPI when talking about monitor resolution. DPI refers to DOTS per inch in printing. PPI is PIXELS per inch referring to the pixels on a screen.

Second, when is SL going to FIX this problem? All (4) of my monitors are set to 1920 x 1080 and I still can't get the eyedropper to work right. I have NO idea where it's picking up color but it AIN'T where I need it.

Why is Articulate so monumentally slow to fix things with their software?

Jose Tansengco

Hi Richard, 

Sorry to hear that you ran into this snag. As per checking, the color picker function works without any issues on my local Storyline 360 Build 3.70.29211.0 installation. 

Would you mind providing me with the following information so we can help you with your concern? 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Karen Drummey

My coworkers and I are having the same issue where the color picker works on the laptop, but not on the extended monitors (I have 2 full size monitors in addition to my laptop). This is a newer issue so it had been working for us. It's not realistic to design on a laptop or to be moving the program back and forth. 

Karen Drummey

Yes, all 3 of my monitors have the same DPI settings.

If I change my monitor display settings to make one of my large monitors the main display, the color picker works on that monitor, but all of the other things I need access to (email, teams, other apps) are sitting under Storyline interfering with my workflow. 

Stacey Fabian

I am using two monitors. Both have the same dpi. Attached are two screen shots. I've circled where the eye dropper should be. For some reason I couldn't get the eye dropper in my screen shot. You'll notice, the behavior is inconsistent. In one case, it selects white. And in the other case it selects black. The color I'm trying select is turquoise (Hex #21B2AF).