Competitive Team Game

May 24, 2019

Is there a way to make a quiz that can be played by teams?

A moderator 'host' will click through the 'Jeopardy' style game board with teams answering questions.

I'd like the score to be kept dynamically by team.

Is there any way? If not, the moderator will need to keep score by hand which seems kind of primitive.

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Eric Rowland

Hey Charles,

I am not sure if you figured this out - but I think you are going to have to design it with only 1 person controlling it at a time. The host/moderator will click on questions - but you can have an option to give either team a score. Just need to use variables to keep that data. On the main screen you can display what the score is for both teams. 

The only thing that might take more time to figure out is how many teams you want to play - because you will have to initially design with that total amount first, so your variables can be set. 

Charles Radanovich

Thanks Eric,

I'm glad to hear that tracking team scores is possible. For my current need, the client is just keeping score by hand. Their groups are small with only 2 teams, and this is how they're used to doing it in PowerPoint, but I would really like for them to be able to use Storyline to keep track of the scores.

I would have no idea how to set up the variables needed to track and display the team scores. Would you possibly have any examples of how I could do this? I think once I see how the variables are written, I could probably put it together.

Thanks again, Chuck

David Tait

I had a request a couple of months ago from someone asking for a Jeopardy-style game where multiple teams could 'buzz in' to answer questions. 

I advised that the two most viable options I could think of were:

  1. For each team to play individually but hook up the results to a leaderboard for score comparison, or
  2. Each team to take turns, tracking each team's score in two separate variables (as discussed above).

I also came across this online service that seemed to work well:

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