Completion status and scoring issue in SAP LMS

Apr 29, 2021


We had given the scorm 2004 4th edition scorm file to one of our client. They are uploading these modules in SAP platform.  They are getting the completion report and score in LMS, if they assigned it to single user or few users(3-4). But they are failed to get the completion report and score if they enroll it to multiple users like (30k). 

Also, resume functionality is not working properly in LMS if they assigned it to multiple users. For eg: if they close the window in 30th slide, and while relaunching it moves to the first slide. It effects their users.

These issues are not for all users. But most of the employees facing the same issue. Then manually LMS people should mark the report as completed.

We checked the  modules in cloud scorm and our internal LMS but there it is working fine.

We set the tracking option for the result slide and reporting status as passed\incomplete. Also, we kept the prompt to resume option.

They are telling us to solve these issues. Anyone please help on this.


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Krishna Prakash Doddamani

Hi Ren,

Client as requested scorm 2004 4th Edition and we had delivered them the same.

We requested their LMS team to work on this. But they checked internally with SAP and replied the following:

"Kindly find the below Update from SAP Product and Operations Team pertaining to the Completion Status issue which we had Reported with the HTTP Watch Logs from the Affected Users Laptop.

 SAP has conducted a Thorough analysis of the HTTP Watch logs taken from the affected user's laptop while the Training was in progress, and they have Updated the below Incident.

 SAP Support is stating clearly that an Incomplete Status is sent to LMS by the SCORM Content( Completion Status) and Lesson _Status Parameter( Slide Status ) is Not sent across to LMS as well.

 This is as per the Logs which has been Captured from the User's Laptop and which has been sent across to SAP.

Kindly get this Issue Rectified from the Content perspective after detailed analysis and provide us with the Rectified Content only for the Upcoming Mandatory Training Cycle. 

 Also, I would like to Highlight, iCore LMS Application will not be Responsible for any issues related to Completion Status, Slide Status, and other Content Related issues going Forward."

Also they mentioned 

"SAP has analyzed the logs and Indicated that there is an issue with the Content. ( Specifically, Completion and Lesson Status Parameter). 

Kindly work with the Articulate team to get this issue rectified. You need HTTP Watch logs Application to analyze the Logs .

 We would need Concrete Evidence on how this issue would be rectified from your side along with the analysis which your team and Articulate has performed. Kindly provide us with a RCA and Technical Issue Resolution Document for the same. "

Actually we tried lot of things in these modules. We checked the storyline 3, 360 old version and updated version also. 

Finally, I have added one javascript to push the completion report to lms after getting the passing score in assessment. 

Actually, iam not much aware of this HTTP logs.

So any one please help on this. Or, can we get a call with client once to check what is the issue?

It should be rectified ASAP.


Luciana Piazza

Hi Anne-Sophie,

Thanks so much for reaching out. Happy to help!

Since there was no quiz question, it is expected behavior that there is no score included within SCORM Cloud. 

I went ahead and created a sample file on my end that did not include any quiz questions. I made sure to include a trigger on the last slide that had a completion trigger. 

This is how I set up this trigger within Storyline 360:

Here are my results within SCORM Cloud: (You'll notice that the Score section is marked unknown since we did not include a quiz).

For your reference, here is an article that can assist you with Reporting Completion and Success Status to an LMS. We typically recommend using Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed for the best reporting. 

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any questions!