Complex question page, incl scoring

Feb 13, 2020


I've got a tricky question page I need to create... I have the design in place, but need some assistance or tips with the values and triggers please! Here're the requirements - I attached the build file here too, I'd be grateful for any help!:

There are 5 statements, each with 3 possible responses.

The three categories are assigned a value:
- Yes i can = 3
- Maybe = 2
- Tell me more = 1

The learner should be receive a message based on their score banding when they submit their answer:

score 11-15
score 6-10
score 1-5

The learner shouldn't be able to select more than 1 category for each statement.

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Blue Kearsley

Hi, to stop users selecting more than 1 option in any given row, you can use the button set. You can add one for each 'group' so only one will be 'allowed'.

Other than that, I think there needs to be a trigger that states if score is between 1-5 then show this layer (with the message you want), and then repeat for each score bracket. You'll need to add the layers on the slide so it can display accurately.

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