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Hi all,

I’m working on a compliance assessment. The requirements for this assessment are for the user to only enter and take the assessment once or in one sit and to complete it within 30 min. I have set the assessment to one attempt only, however, currently, the user can enter and exit multiple until they get the result slide. Therefore, the LMS will only record the result until the user finishes the assessment.

 I have tried multiple things to mitigate this. For example, if the user loses focus, to mark the course as completed or exit the course and fail. I have also set the player to always resume, however, nothing seems to work. ( It only bookmarks in explorer but not in Chrome)

 The ideal scenario would be for articulate to mark failed/completed assessment if the user exits or switch within windows. Therefore, if the user exits at any time before completing the assessment, it will fail the user.


Regarding the 30 min requirement, we noticed that if the user minimizes or switches within windows, the timer (built within articulate) will stop, and resume once the user comes back to the window. This action breaches the requirement because the user could potentially cheat and browse questions and take far more than 30 minutes as the timer will stop every time the user navigates out of the window.


Do you have any solutions so I can restrict the number of attempts and for the timer to never resume? Or even better, if the user exits out the window, the assessment will exit the user and mark as failed?


Publish settings: Scorm 2004, 4th edition. HTML 5.


Thanks in advance....



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Alma!

Thank you for sharing these details! I understand what you're looking to create so that learners can only take the course once, but if they exit the course at any point, they shouldn't be able to reopen the course.

I would recommend reaching out to your LMS administrator because we don't have a setting in Storyline 360, which restricts the user from opening the course again. The behavior would be customized in a Learning Management System.

If you don't mind sharing which LMS you are using, I bet others from the community using the same LMS could lend a hand!