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Mar 13, 2014

Hi everybody

I am on a converted freeform layer to compose a word with many letters by drag and drop ... this word is "NEUTROPHILE" with 2 "E". One is the second letter and the second ... the last one When i pick letters to compose my word, i MUST pick the two "E" in the same order or when I'm validating he tells me "bad response" ... What can i do? Can we use the same letter many time? Thanxs for help


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eric,

Instead of allowing the "freeform drag and drop" to determine which items are correct, you'll want to set this up with a series of triggers and conditions to track when they're dropped correctly (and the two e's will need an OR condition to be counted correct). 

There is an example here, and another one here to help you get started with setting this up in your own file.  Hope that helps! 

Helen Tyson

Hi Eric

Another way to do this is to set the initial state of the second 'e' to Hidden and add a trigger Change State of Shape '2nd E' to Normal when Object '1st E' is dropped on its target

I've done this here with the word 'Book' and although it's very obvious in this case it would be less so when the letters are mixed up as on your slide.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eric,

Variables and conditions certainly take a little getting used to, but they're worth it for all the possibilities it opens up. Helen's example is using states as she mentioned which may be a bit easier to get started with. You may also want to review the Storyline tutorials here on working with variables or working with states. 

Eric Godallier

Thank you Ashley !

The Helen's solution is not good enough… i can't have hidden object. The learner must have all the letters to play…

I send you a .Story folder with all the elements you need to re-compose this anagram… it's just one slide, one word…

I don't know how to say thanks you…long live e-learning heros !!


If i'm not clear enough, ask me

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