Computer display settings for all other apps different than display needs for Articulate


My Articulate displays have always been fine for my Dell, but I just got a new HP, and the Articulate files are so blurry and hard to work with. I have to change my entire computer settings to 100% but when I need all other things on my computer I have to change the settings to 150%. This is obviously not ideal as I use Articulate and the other apps on my computer daily for work. Any suggestions that don't require changing the full computer's settings each time to move back and forth between the two?

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Vincent Scoma

Hey Hailee,

Thank you for reaching out here! 

We have received some feedback that the UI for Storyline 3 and 360  is a bit blurry when you're using a screen resolution and DPI of more than 100%. It sounds like that is happening here as well when you increase the resolution to 150%? May I ask which version of Storyline you are using?