Conditions to show layer Try Again

Nov 22, 2015


I want the "try again" layer to show only when the learner selected the right items , but didn't put them in a right/specific order (drag and drop interaction).

How can I control when to show the layer "try again"?






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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shevi,

Thanks for sharing your file here. I want to be sure I understand what you're looking to accomplish before trying to set up something here.

You'd like the try again layer to only appear if for example, the user drags the Queen to Option 1 (meant for the Ace), the Ace to Option 3 (for the queen) and the King to option 2 (correct)? What would you show the user if they brought any of the items to the options 4 and 5 that aren't correct for any of them? 

Shevi Yuval

Thanks for the question:

The targets are the ACE, KING and QUEEN

The right answer is dragging Rectangle 1/option 1 to ACE, Rectangle 2/option 2 to KING and Rectangle 3/ option 3 to QUEEN.

I want the try again layer to only appear if the learner chose the right Rectangles (1+2+3), but didn't drag each of them to the right target. For example Rectangle 1 was dropped on QUEEN etc.


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