Controlling what is reported the LMS for Quiz questions



Is it possible to control how much data or what specific data goes to the LMS? Our LMS( SumTotal 8.2) can only receive 4096 characters. We want to either remove the distractor data that comes back or just have the distractor number/letter (ie A.B.C). If it can't be controlled, what would be the work around?


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Matthew Bibby

If you can use SCORM 2004, that would be ideal. It should solve the issue.

Otherwise, you could try setting up a quiz that has two answers (correct and incorrect). Move that questions off the slide area so it isn't visible to the user. Then you can build a custom quiz with the proper information on the slide and set it up to trigger changes in the hidden quiz (i.e. so when the user answers incorrect, a trigger will change the state of the incorrect radio button on the hidden quiz). Only the data from the hidden quiz will be sent to the LMS.

There is another approach you could try if this doesn't work. Let me know how it goes. 



Natasha Bomba

I'm not great with variables so I'm not sure I understand the purpose of this one. Does the variable act as a way to track if the learner got the answer right? Then instead of sending all the information from the question to the LMS, you simply send the result to the variable slide, hide it and send that info to the LMS?