Copy and Paste Interaction in Articulate Storyline

Aug 09, 2023

So, I'm trying to create a copy-and-paste interaction in Storyline where the learner has to copy a URL and paste it in another object/field. I was wondering if this type of interaction is possible. Given the absolute lack of online questions about this interaction type, I suspect maybe not? 

My last resort is to use a drag-and-drop interaction in its place, but I was hoping to replicate the accuracy of an actual process.

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Edward, 

Happy to help!

I can confirm that it is possible to paste text into a Storyline 360 project but not copy (unless from an entry field). Here's a link that you can use to test the behavior where you'll see that you will be able to paste any text into the input box, but you won't be able to copy any of the text that appears when you lose focus.

Let me know if you have any questions!