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May 01, 2019


Is there a way to copy questions (the question and all the answer options in one) from one file to another, without copying the layout with it?

We made a lot of e-learnings in the old style, but we made a new slide master and we have to change all the e-learnings in the new style. 

When I copy an slide with the old layout into a file with the new layout all the textboxes show up in the wrong position, because of all the changes we made in the slide master. So we have to put them all in the right place or we have to create all the questions again by copying the question and each answer option one by one. Both methodes are a enormous amount of work, so I hope there is a better solution we haven't found.

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Nynke De Witte

Thank you for your comment!

I tried that option before, but I'm afraid that I made to much changes in the new slide master. So storyline don't know where to put the page and chapter number in the new style, because I made some changes in the position of the text boxes, added and renamed some textboxes. 

So I think the only option is to copy the question and fill in the rest manually. That isn't that much work, but I can't find a way to copy the whole question without the layout. Now I have to create a new question and type or copy each anwer option one by one. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nynke,

I could see how all those changes are confusing Storyline and not importing correctly. It sounds like copy/paste is going to be the best solution - so if you have a lot to copy back and forth you may want to look at clipboard managers on your computer. That'll allow you to copy a bunch of text at a time and continually paste vs. having to go back and forth between documents. 

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