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Stephen Mills

Wow! People have been chasing this for up to 6 years on multiple threads lol. Surely there is no point in putting in a request? If this has been a consistent feature request over the last 6 years then we're being ignored, whats the point? But surely this can be rolled out..... Its such a simple thing (probably why its not been done) which would make our work 100 times easier instead of using the inconsistent yellow box of death! 

Is there any update with this? going with "send in a feature request" doesn't give us an update, just you want us to think we are doing something to get this feature included! Whereas this community is littered with people talking about feature request and great ideas. Asking people to put in a feature request is another step and we don't feel like we're being listened to. So, we turn here as we get responses from "Staff", can't these types of threads be used as evidence for feature requests and be forwarded by "Staff"?

Is this being looked at/talked about? What are the developers concerns with this if any? Is there anything the community can help with to push this forward that is more help than a "feature request" If you are not going to feature this I would rather you be transparent and just say no! Saves us all waiting and hoping.... 

Sorry for being blunt but when a software company actively encourages us to send in requests, bugs and so on and nothing gets done or no response to our feature requests we feel ignored and annoyed.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stephen,

I appreciate you reaching out and sharing your thoughts. 

We are working to refine our feature request process for many of the reasons mentioned.

  1. We want to update you when we have additional information to share.
  2. We want to submit requests on behalf of customers and advocate for common requests (provided we fully understand the request and use-case).

Yes, you can do precisely what you've just done. It brought this older request to my attention and allowed me to connect the dots on many official feature requests as well as numerous forum conversations specific to this very concern.

I've tagged all the relevant conversations and will be discussing this with my team.

I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful.