Correct answer hover state darker in multiple choice question

Aug 07, 2017


Having some trouble in a current project - on any multiple choice quiz question, the answer that I've marked as "correct" displays a slightly darker hover state than the rest of the answer choices. ALL answer choices are set up with the exact same hover states (used Format Painter to copy them, so they should be exactly the same). Obviously I don't want the user to be basically told which answer is correct, so this is an issue. 

I've attached a sample question for reference. Any ideas how to fix this?


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Molly Schachleiter

Update - I tried setting the "Hover" state on the correct choice to "No Fill," but when I hover over it in preview mode it shows the "Selected" state (i.e. the solid blue fill). When I completely delete the Hover state, then no fill is shown at all when I hover over it (as it should be). It's like for some reason the Selected and Hover states were linked..?

I re-added the Hover state, and now it's working! :) Pretty tedious though because now I have to go through and delete/re-add all the Hover states for all my multiple choice questions... but problem essentially solved.

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