Correct Answers coming up as Incorrect

Jun 16, 2017

We are having issues with one of our scorm packages that we have never had before.  We have a quiz where one of our new staff had just completed and all of her correct answers are coming up as incorrect.  Another new staff member had the same issue.  I relaunched this course to both staff - with the first staff member still having same issue, the second staff showed 'correct' where it was supposed to be. 

I launched the course to myself without any problems.  We have launched it as pass/fail status.  This has not ever been an issue the 100's of times we have launched this course.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Linda,

Yikes, sorry that's happening! I've seen this happen too, specifically when quiz question slides are set to "Reset to Initial State". Switching to "Resume Saved State" seems to fix the problem. 

We've got this reported as a bug, and we're working to find a fix. Just to double check, what version of Storyline are you using?

Linda Oosterveld

Thank you Alyssa/Ashley -- A few questions regarding above issue.  I have changed the settings on each of the 5 quiz questions to state 'resume saved state' as well as the Retry function on the results slide - is this correct to change both?  Also, would you recommend all quiz questions in all courses created be set to 'Resume Saved State' instead of the default 'Automatically Decide'?

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