Corrupted File

Aug 28, 2012

I have been working on a file in Storyline (version 1208.1316) and I think it is corrupted, is there a way to repair it? 


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Kevin Thorn

Hey Barb,

Is it corrupted because you can't open the file, or is there something in the project that's not working? 

If the file can't open, try 'saving as' a new file name and then try opening that new file. Longshot.  If it's something in the project, delete scene or slide affected and rebuild it.

Other than that, I'd defer to Articulate Support.

Kevin Thorn

Phew! Glad you were able to recover. This has happened to me a few times. 

I have this really goofy way of file management. A typical project will end up having several dozen .story files. I "Save As" a new version number every time I open it. I typically start with 1.0 which gives me 99 versions before changing to a 1.0.0. I don't get into why 3.7 is different than 1.2 other than their respective modification dates. e.g. v1.2 may have been saved on 8/12/12 and v3.7 yesterday. All I care about is if v3.7 gets wonky on me, I've got v.3.6 to fall back on.

Last project I would "Save As" a new version every time I opened it to work - once a day. It's just an internal way for me to keep track of the latest work plus I have a back up of the previous time I opened it. This is in addition to your typical backing up of files because if I backed up a corrupted file, it's still corrupted. If the current file gets corrupted, I can dump it with not a lot of headache to rebuild because I have a recent version.

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