Could a variable misbehave due to a flash version issue?

Sep 12, 2013

We have tested our content extensively with many users on varying systems and have not run into this issue until today.

The story file is set up so when the learner clicks the custom next button on the last screen of topic 1, topic 2 state goes to normal and they can proceed with the course (I'm using states and variables). One of my learners has reported that when she clicks next, the topic 2 button state changes briefly but then goes back to gray (disabled). Then the course freezes up, and she's unable to click on the previous button or obviously on the disabled button for topic 2.

She is on IE 8, with Flash version 10.0.452, OS Windows XP.

The tech specs for SL say minimum version 10 for Flash, so I am surprised if that is the issue, but could it be? We can try upgrading her, but if it's not possible that's the issue, I don't want to bug IT.

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Rebekah Massmann

I want to make a note, it's a little frustrating that the tech specs list version 10 as the minimum supported version, if it's not actually going to work with that version. It might seem like a little thing to upgrade Flash or use another browser, but we're dealing with strict security settings prohibiting any installation of any program (I can't even install fonts!).

Our IT department has not prioritized upgrading Flash across the enterprise because they are stretched in terms of resources and have to focus on business-critical issues. In fact, before being willing to purchase and install Storyline, they expressed concern about the minimum being version 10, because they knew we have a number of users who don't even meet that specification! Now we've released our first course, causing an onslaught of help desk tickets from users who supposedly meet that minimum requirement.

Thankfully we've discovered Google Chrome can be installed without admin rights (and IT OK'd us telling our learners about it), so we've got a workaround, but it's still frustrating.

Is there a place I can send an email recommending the tech specs be modified, just so potential customers can be aware of any issues they may need to deal with?

Stephen Cone

Hi Rebekah,

I know you've already found a work-around for the problem you reported. However, for your own benefit you may want to double-check with your IT staff to determine if your web-sever is forcing IE8 into compatibility mode. If it is, the user may be experiencing the content not as an IE8 browser, but as IE6 or IE7.  As I recall from the release notes for Update 4, there was a issue that was resolved that involved IE6 with Flash Player