Next button will not enable on some slides

Hi! I've been working in SL for many years, but this is a new one to me... I have a 60+ slide course with triggers set up exactly the sane... 1. Next button disabled when timeline starts. 2. Next button normal when timelines starts if slide variable is true. 3. Next button normal when slide variable changes/is true. 4. Slide variable is true when user clicks hotspot. On 75% of the slides, #2 will not function. The Next button enables when the user clicks the hotspot, but is disabled again upon revisiting the slide. Why??? Could someone please help? Thank you!

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Jerry Beaucaire

For the SLIDE OPTIONS, do you have the slide setting to RESUME SAVED STATE when revisiting?   This would give you the effect you want.

If the slide is RESET TO INITIAL STATE, then you would need a slide trigger to set NEXT to normal when timeline starts if variable is true.  It sounds like you have the trigger, but this would require the RESET TO INITIAL STATE flag as well to work.   Else the timeline has already started, even when revisiting, since you are "resuming".

If this doesn't resolve, post a small version of your .story with just a couple of slides and we can check it together.

NOnna Shtipelman

The slides are set to initial state upon revisiting. I'll take another look. Thank you!

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Leslie McKerchie

Glad that Jerry was able to pop in and help you here, Nonna.

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